Sunday Mornings start with juice and dounuts before worship.  A Children's Message before the sermon relates God's message to WPC youth. Sunday School classrooms, for youth, are located downstairs. Preschool through 6th grade students gather in the Media Room for morning announcements and then separate into individual classrooms.


Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool and Kindergarten enjoy learning about their faith with the Faith Weavers Now Curriculum.  Faith Weavers offers a little bit for everyone's interests such as music, craft, play time, and Bible stories with Theo the dog.

Grades 1st thru 4th

Grades 1st and 2nd & 3rd and 4th meet in their own classrooms to learn the Bible through the Faithweavers Now curriculum.  Youth explore their faith through Bible stories, discussion, art and many hands on activities.

Grades 5th and 6th

Grades 5th and 6th meet in the Media Room on Sunday Mornings. Currently this group explores how to apply Jesus' teachings to modern day situations.  Preteen Grapple curriculum is used to help lead discussions.

Grades 7th and up

Grades 7th and up are always creating new ways to dig deeper into the Bible.  Whether they Grapple over curriculum, pick a Bible story to explore, or create a project there is never an end to their spiritual creativity!