Pastor’s Blog – Westminster’s “Stewardship Month” Begins October 8th

“Love, not utility, is the heart of stewardship.  Without deep and profound love for the world for which God offered up his only begotten Son, no amount of beating the drum for God and for money will make the least difference.”  — from The Steward:  A Biblical Symbol Come of Age by Douglas John Hall.

     Dr. Hall is one of my favorite theologians.  And even though I agree that the foundation of good stewardship is love for God and love for the world, we’re still going to “beat the drum” a little for God and for money at Westminster during    October, because that’s what we do and because it’s fun!

     Our Stewardship leader this year is Cameron Fast, and the themes he has selected are “It’s Giving that Matters” and “Great Things Are Happening Here.”   Cameron leads Westminster’s “digital ministries” so this year’s campaign will be different from the recent past:

  • Estimate of Giving Cards for 2018 will be distributed by postal service mail early in the month. They may be mailed back to the church or placed in the offering plate any Sunday, and preferably by October 29.  Plenty of cards will also be available in the Sanctuary and Church Office, should you need an extra.

  • Beginning with worship on October 8, each Sunday will feature one of Westminster’s ministries so that you can see that YOUR’S is “giving that matters” and that “great things are happening here.” Sunday-by-Sunday themes;  October 8 – Digital Ministries; October 15 – Youth Formation;   October 22 – Mandarin Ministries; October 29 – Caring Ministries.

  • Each Sunday will feature brief video presentations projected on a portable screen in the Sanctuary along with short statements by members and friends of Westminster.  Even though it violates a core principle of being Presbyterian, sitting closer to the front will make it easier to recognize faces in the videos!

  • There will be NO all-church Stewardship Brunch this year, but there will be refreshments served and ministry stories shared after worship on October 15 and October 22.

     Four years of faithful and increasing financial support has been critical in     halting Westminster’s long decline and even making possible new missional initiatives during this transitional time.  Please prayerfully consider your estimate of giving for 2018.  “It’s giving that matters and great things are happening here!”

                                                                                                  — Hal Murry


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