The Deacons at Westminster are charged with a very important task: “Teach charity, urge concern, and direct the people’s help to the friendless and those in need.” Currently, our group of 14 deacons, visit our sick and homebound, coordinate meals for funerals and times of crisis, and try to coordinate rides to church for those who need them. We can’t do it alone and know that we must take seriously our role of directing the caring ministries of the broader church. We invite you to join one of the ministries listed by checking the associated box or calling the church office at (563)-583-1729.

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Ride Ministry

Help people get to church by being on a list of folks willing to offer riders on Sunday mornings. Rides are sometimes coordinated for others pressing needs also. To join this team, you don't need to make a regular time commitment, but agree to be called when a need arises and respond if available.

Meal Ministry

Are you able to prepare a meal to bring to someone's home after a baby is born, a death, or another time of crisis? You will be put on our list of people to contact for preparing meals.

Visiting the Homebound

Are you willing to meet a new friend and visit them once a month, keeping them abreast of church news and providing a little company? Those who visit our homebound and nursing homebound members bring a little cheer and connection to the church family. If you are already visiting someone, please indicate this to the office.

Funeral Meal Ministry

Send a dish and/or help serve at our funeral luncheons as a way to support families in their time of grief. By joining this team you are added to the list of volunteers who can be called upon when a funeral luncheon arises.

Prayer Chain

Join a team of folks who receive prayer requests from the congregation and commit to pray for them.