Adult Sunday School class meets at 10:45 AM to 11:45 AM in the Board Room following worship. Topics are picked by the Adult Christian Education committee to enhance spiritual formation, awaken us to our individual and collective call to ministry, equip us for service, prepare us to contribute to the development of goals, and bring about an understanding of our history and reformed theology.


Welcome to Westminster

Pastor Hal Murry leads this overview of life at Westminster Church. The class meets after worship and runs four weeks. Classes are held several time every year. This is the place to have your questions about being a (Presbyterian) Christian answered (or at least we try to answer them!). Location TBA. No pre-registration is required. Just come! The class is open to all and is perfect for:

  • Anyone new to our fellowship

  • Anyone considering church membership

  • Anyone who would like a "refresher" on "What is a Presbyterian?"

  • Anyone who would like to meet some new people

Upcoming Events