Westminster Presbyterian Church:  2020 Mission and Vision

Introduction and Mission Statement

God calls us to make disciples of Jesus Christ.  Through the Holy Spirit, God empowers the church to become a community that forms disciples who encourage each other’s Faith, and who fulfill God’s mission by caring for neighbors and all of God’s creation.

For generations, North American culture provided spiritual formation for Christians.  That is no longer the case.  Now the responsibility for inviting, forming and encouraging disciples for Christ rests solely with the Church.

We will continue to welcome new members, who, like many of us, have a   Christian background.  After study, discussion and prayerful discernment, we believe that God is calling us to make new and focused efforts to reach out to spiritual seekers and others in our community who have little, if any, Christian or church experience.

In light of our discernment of God’s call, we propose the following Mission Statement:   We are a community exploring and nurturing Christian faith and inviting all to experience the love of God.  Inviting All, Exploring Faith, Experiencing God

          This Mission Statement will be the basis for the decisions we make about the use of our human, financial, physical and spiritual resources.  The administrative structure of the church will be redesigned to accomplish the mission, too.  During the next five years, our leadership will use the Mission Statement to guide implementation of the following Vision for mission and ministry.

2020 Vision

Inviting All


With the conviction that God’s love in Christ can overcome all human divisions, we present our 2020 Vision:

  • Current members repeatedly cite the need for younger members as our highest priority. We believe there is a hunger in current culture for a worship experience that is different than what we offer now.  We also believe we are in a unique position to offer that kind of experience with intelligent, accessible preaching and Presbyterian theology—elements that may be missing in other services.  We will design and add an additional worship experience that draws upon our contemporary culture with new forms of liturgy, music and technology while continuing to tell the “old old story of Jesus and His love” with thoughtfulness, humility and courage. This is a mission driven invitation to a new generation of spiritual seekers to explore faith and experience God at Westminster.  This is our greatest missional challenge because a worship experience like that may not be appealing to some of our current members.
  • We will continue to offer a “traditional” worship service with liturgy and music that is appealing to existing church members and any new members or guests seeking a more formal worship experience.
  • We will examine and invigorate our hospitality systems and create intentional opportunities to invite, with the goal of increasing first-time visitors and continuing to assure that all feel welcome.

Exploring Faith

Presbyterians have a long tradition of civil and thoughtful exploration of faith-related topics and the application of faith to daily living.  This tradition is a special gift from God that we feel called to offer to a deeply divided culture.   We believe that such conversations can nurture faith and deepen our sense of community.  We believe that many will want to join a community that engages in open conversations.  We envision opportunities to:

  • Participate in Bible studies that inform, challenge and delight
  • Engage in study and conversation that help each of us discern God’s call to use our personal gifts for ministry and mission
  • Study, reflect upon and discuss a wide variety of topics related to living out our faith every day
  • Identify and provide spiritual mentors for newcomers in our fellowship

Experiencing God

Today’s spiritual seekers yearn most for experiences of God.  Experiences of God transform lives, deepen faith and empower Christian living.  By the power of the Holy Spirit we will:

  • Deepen our awareness of God-with-us by learning and practicing classic spiritual disciplines such as: prayer, faith-sharing, reflection on God’s constant presence, and caring for one another.
  • Seek opportunities for “hands-on” mission that will express the love, mercy and justice of Jesus Christ.  This will include opportunities for spiritual reflection and invitations for fellowship.
  • Worship using music and liturgy that heighten our sense of God’s presence.