Who We Are

Inviting All

Exploring Faith

Experiencing God

We are a community exploring and nurturing Christian faith and inviting all to experience the love of God.

What to Expect

Our worship celebrations are traditional (with a splash of contemporary) and very family friendly.  We welcome you as you are, and always have friendly people available to help you if you need assistance with anything…


Sunday, May 21st

8:00 a.m. Youth Handbells Rehearsal

8:30 a.m. Sun. School Brunch

8:30 a.m. Chancel Choir Rehearsal

8:40 a.m. Coffee Fellowship

9:00 a.m. Youth Choir Rehearsal

9:30 a.m. Worship, Rev. Murry preaching

9:30 a.m. Mandarin Worship, Rev. Wu preaching

10:30 a.m. Camp Wyoming Bake Sale

10:40 a.m. Youth Sunday School

10:45 a.m. Mandarin Sunday School

10:45 a.m. Welcome to Westminster

1:30 p.m. Worship at Bethany Home

2:00 p.m. Interfaith Power & Light

4:00 p.m. 6th Grade Yth Grp, Keller's Farm

4:00 p.m. M.E.S.S. Yth Grp, Keller's Farm